Who is Shannon Rose?

I have known Shannon Rose for almost my entire life. In my experience he is a thief and a liar. He is morally bankrupt and will cheat anyone to get what he wants. He is the poster child for the dead beat dad!

Shannon is openly lying in court about his son and the mother of his child. He has failed to pay child support for his son for 10 years. Now he is lying in a court room saying he paid everything in full and that the mother who he has been completely removed from her child’s life owes him.

Shannon was never denied access to the child in any way and has now denied any access to the child’s family. No one has seen this boy since Shannon took him, the only messages any of us get is that it is the child’s choice and that we were all abusive to him. This is false and part of a narrative Shannon has instilled in his own child, he is convincing this young boy that he was abused and continuing to anger him towards his family. The child has now walked away from everyone in his family except Shannon. His father has successfully taught him that this is ok.

Shannon used this young boy to steal thousands of dollars from the child’s mother before he moved him out. The moment money was noticed missing, it was put out of reach, once the well ran dry Shannon got the kid out of the home. This was done suddenly and very abruptly, we had no warning and everyone in the child’s life is in shock. The moment he moved him out he started pursuing cash that he felt he was owed, in spite of his complete lack of support for his son.

I ask for anyone to help in making Shannon understand what he has done. Your method of doing so is purely your choice!

Anyone interested in finding this man he can be found at:
69 East Main St. Apt. 302
Welland, Ontario

To contact Shannon Rose by phone please use this number:

To contact Shannon Rose via email please use this email address: